Benefits of Hospice

The final months and days of a person’s life are often challenging, but hospice care can help alleviate some of the stress and suffering for both the patient and their loved ones. Because hospice caregivers are trained to provide more than just medical support, they can offer different options based on an individual patient’s specific circumstances.

Many times, people mistakenly believe that hospice is only for patients with days or hours left, or that it is only for those with specific illnesses. The reality is that patients can be referred to hospice regardless of their illness, provided that the natural course of the disease would suggest that there is six months or less to live. Similarly, Medicare’s hospice benefit is set up for six months, but extensions can be made if the circumstances warrant.

The main benefit of hospice is the peace of mind knowing that the patient is receiving care focused on enhancing their quality of life.

Hospice Physician and Patient


  • Medical Care Where You Are Comfortable
    Trained hospice professionals provide service in the location where the patient is most comfortable, whether that is the home, a hospital, or another facility.
  • Pain and Symptom Management
    Though hospice patients no longer receive treatments intended to cure or limit their disease, hospice provides effective medications to deal with pain and other symptoms. Siena Hospice’s care team works to balance pain management with mental and physical alertness, so the patient can enjoy the highest quality of life possible.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support
    The end of life can bring not just physical discomfort, but also emotional and spiritual challenges. Social workers and other trained professionals on the team can work with patients and their families to deal with difficult emotions. Alternative therapies such as aromatherapy or music therapy can be provided based on the patient’s needs and preferences.
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
    Medical equipment and supplies can be included as part of Medicare’s hospice benefit, lessening the financial burden for the patient and family.
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